Skin Food Egg White Pore Mask

Hello, beauties!
Ready for another review?

This time I want to share about this pore mask sample that I got from Skin Food!
Skin Food products is famous with its natural compounds.
And this pore mask here is based on egg white!
Yes, egg white itself is known to be a good pore mask if you want to make it yourself at home (like DIY)

Let's start the review!

Heyho heyho!
Siapa sii yang ngga suka gratisan?
Apalagi gratisannya makeup sama skincare macem ginii..

Gratisan? Kok bisa?
Yup yup!
Jadiii Surabaya Beauty Blogger bekerja sama dengan Althea. Pihak Althea kasi privilege berupa kredit yang bisa dibelanjain produk APA AJA di Althea!
Super suenang deh pokoknya!
Kapan lagiii bisa belanja beginian gratis tiiss!
Pacar aja belom tentu kasi ginian banyak (emang punya woi?)

Althea ini termasuk website yang lagi booming di kalangan beauty blogger maupun beauty junkies di Indonesia.
Karena mereka menyediakan produk-produk kosmetik Korea yang tentunya ASLI dan langsung dikirimkan dari Negara Korea.
Selain itu, harganya juga jadi lebih murah dan tentunya banyak diskon!

Gimana ngga kalap kalo window shopping di Althea?

Nah berhubung aku kemarin kalap dan apalagi ditambah uang jajan 500,000 dari Surabaya Beauty Blogger x Althea, belanjalah aku di sana dengan hati yang amat berbunga-bunga.

Aku kemarin beli apa aja siih?
Di dalem box pink Althea ada apa aja ituu?


Ada 9 macem items di dalem box pink Althea aku ini.
1. RiRe Lipmanicure
2. Too Cool for School Milky Tint
3. The Saem Real Tint
4. Missha 4D Mascara
5. Chica Y Chico Oil Clear Essence
6. It's My Bubble Maker
7. It's My Cushion
8. Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow
9. Elizavecca Gold CF Nest Eye Cream

Semua items aku tersusun dan terbungkus rapi dengan bubble wrap di dalem box!
Siap untuk dicicipi (dan diajak selfie!)

Gimana perasaan Anda waktu abang kurir ngirim ini?
Seneng buanget!

Aku beli itu tanggal 4 Oktober, nyampenya tanggal 12 Oktober.
Cuepet banget kaann!

Dan yang bikin belanja di Althea makin OKE tuh, ngga dikenain bea cukai atau ngurus-ngurus begituan.
Pokoknya tinggal belanja, masukin barang-barang yang kamu mau ke shopping cart, bayar, terus nunggu deh XD

Untuk detail items apa aja yang aku beli, bakal ada di next post yaa!
Akan aku jelasin satu-satu tentang items yang aku beli.

Oh iya, temen-temen Surabaya Beauty Blogger yang laen juga punya "harta karun" sendiri-sendiri loh!
Kalian bisa kunjungi website Surabaya Beauty Blogger untuk intip Althea box punya temen-temen blogger yang lain.
Kalo mau belanja, langsung kunjungi website Althea yaa! And happy shopping!

Who doesn't know this cute curve sponge that does great job in blending and contouring?
Beauty blender is one of many beauty tools that almost sits in every beauty junkies' makeup pouch because blending foundation and contours becomes easier with this sponge.

There are several (or many) brands that has their own name and shape for their beauty blender, but my choice this time fell to Masami Shouko.
Why? Because it's pretty much more affordable than the other brands, and especially it's from Japan XD

It's less than IDR 100,000 when other several brands is more than that, which it's not friendly for my wallet.
I bought this at and I was excited when this baby come because this beauty blender was in my wishlist.

The packaging is simple, it's a clear mica plastic but protective enough for the sponge.
Before I opened it, I played with it by shaking the box because the sponge is so bouncy and it looks cute!

The pores of the sponge is so fine, so it won't absorb too much foundation or BB cream and makes blending really smooth.

There are 2 ways using a beauty blender. Damp or dry.
Dampen it to achieve more natural and glowy look, or using it dry to achieve more coverage and matte.
I really love when it's damped because the sponge can be sooo puffy that it feels like a marshmallow XD

You don't use beauty blender by stroking or swiping, but by bouncing the sponge repeatedly.
The box has written a complete instruction about how to use and how to clean this beauty blender, which is really a big help for newbie.

If you want to try this Masami Shouko Beauty Blender, you can buy one at
Get IDR 50,000 off with minimum purchase IDR 250,000 by using my voucher code SBNLARG7 at your checkout.

See you again on the next post~

This post has been stored in my draft for centuries that I just managed to complete it now.
This C20 OST serum is famous among beauty blogger since it has an amazing result on trouble skin. Mostly it's claimed on acne scars.
I, too, pretty much have acne scars here and there back then. So I was curious about this serum, how it will turn out on me.

I bought this online and it was about IDR 200,000.
Most of the writings are in Hangul, but I think the important parts are also written in English.

Since this serum is claimed to be a pure Vitamin C, they put some warnings on the box to give us the information briefly about the product.
Such as the brown sedimentation that might occur during the period of the usage. It indicates that this serum really contains high concentration of Vitamin C.
In my study background, browning such as this means that the Vitamin C is already oxidized, and that means that your serum is aged.

It's also recommended to store this serum in a cold place.
Why? Because Vitamin C components itself is really easy to break if exposed to heat or light.
That's the reason why you should store this in a fridge.

I like how they write all the instructions to make sure us, the user, can use the product in its best condition.
But I'm pretty sure we all too lazy to do that, unless you have a fridge in your room, not the one at the kitchen.

So when I opened the box, the bottle comes in a dark glass bottle.
Why dark?
As I mentioned above, that Vitamin C is vulnerable to light.

And one downside, the pipette wasn't connected to the bottle when I first time opened it.
It's wrapped separated, making the pipette exposed to air even before I use it for the first time.
Well, maybe they have their own purpose doing this, like protecting the Vitamin C (?)

Like the instruction that's written in the box, sticky feeling can occur.
Yes that's what I felt too everytime I use this, so I mixed it with 1-2 drops of toner to lessen the effect.

The texture of this serum is more concentrated than the serum that I've used before, that made this C20 serum lasted longer than my previous serum.
This serum smelled like orange when I apply to my face, and the color is like a clear honey. But it turned a bit darker as time goes on (remember the warning on the box).

I used this serum about 3 months, and my old acne scars didn't have significant result. But the new scars were visibly almost gone.
I love the result that it gave, but repurchasing this might make me think twice because I still want to try another product.
But I recommend this though!

Another downside, it's not travel friendly despite it's small size, because it always spill out in my pouch.
I don't know why, did I get a defect lid or it's just simply not for travelling.

What I like;
great effect
clear warning and instruction
protective packaging

What I don't like:
sticky feeling
quite difficult to store
not travel friendly

See you again on the next post~
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