Having a sleek, neat, clean, and precise lips is a must for lippies junkies (like me), and I've been wanting to have a lip brush for some time. And now, finally I have one from Sociolla.com!
It's Felicela Slide Lip Brush!

This lip brush comes with a quite spacey packaging, and doff material
Judging from all those hiragana, katakana, and kanji, Felicela is Japanese brand (even it's made in China for economical cost)

The front side of the packaging has a clear plastic, so I can see how the brush looks like.
Honestly, at first glance I thought this lip brush is too fluffy to be a lip brush. But I can talk about it later after I've tried it.

After opening the outer packaging, there's still one more thing that wraps this brush.
It's another plastic like this.
For safety and sanitary purpose, I give this a thumbs up!

The cap of the brush is put on the bottom side.
Simply just move it to the other to close it.

The color of the brush is nice in my preference.
It's gold (not cheap looking gold) with a silver writings, makes it look more pretty.

When you close the cap, you can see this little white ball. This is where the stick (ball pusher) inside the cap push this ball up so the brush is come out.
It's just a normal lip brush mechanic system. Open the cap and insert it on the bottom side to use the brush, and the other way around to store the brush.

But there'll be different length when the brush is in open and close position.
It becomes longer when it's closed that it's opened. In this point, it's a matter of storage space.

Why is it different?
Because when it's opened, the ball pusher (that's inside the cap) goes up all the way pushing the brush up. Therefore, there's no empty space within the cap.
While it's closed, the ball pusher will stop on the mouth of the brush hole. This will create an empty space within the cap.

When I tried applying lipstick with this brush, it can creates a define and smooth line.
It feels soft too.
The length of the stick is enough for drawing, but I think it's easier if it's a bit longer.

What I like:
pretty color
creates smooth line

What I don't like:
stick needs a bit longer

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See you again on the next post!

Firstly, lemme quote this "not just words, but proves" phrase because I need a release *phew* (that is just personal, there's no relation with this review post)

Okay, so today I'm reviewing this essence from Innisfree that I've been using for about 5-6 months and it's still not empty.
I bought this about 1 or 2 years ago, but I just managed to use this less than a year ago.
Purchased this from @kalantha_shop on Instagram, with price about IDR 100-150K (I forgot, memory problem)

I decided to buy this because remember that my skin is oily, and I always need oil-control skincare.
Hoping this essence can deal with my skin, and reduce oily skin problem like acne and blackhead.

Its carton box I find it so-back-to-nature because the texture and the color is like a recycled paper.
Love our Earth guys!
But even it looks like a recycled paper, it's thick and sturdy enough to pack.

For the bottle, it's made from thick plastic and also comes with a pump.
A bit of a downside, the plastic is not clear so I don't know how much product is left.
But for the brightside, opaque packaging prevent the product from direct light so it gives more protection for the product itself.
Its size is not really travel-friendly because it's kinda fat.

One pump is enough for my entire face.
The texture is jelly-ish (seriously I don't find a better way to describe it), soft, and easily spread.
It also has this soft cottony scent, which I like.

After all this months I've been using this, how's the result?
Well, I don't see any visible result on my oil production. It's still like before.
But, my blackheads are lessen and look controled.

Hmm, maybe worth a try because it gives effect on my blackheads

With all mentioned reason, I think NO, because I'm still on a journey to find a better one :D

What I like:
good packaging
soft texture
nice scent
lessen my blackheads

What I don't like:
not travel-friendly packaging
not reducing my oil production

See you on the next post~
How's my flatlay?
Indonesia's cosmetics are developing fast lately, not to mention the vast variant of matte lipstick, but also makeup base.
Wardah is one of many local brands that provides various line of skincare and also makeup.
This DD Cream is the first product that I have from Wardah, all thanks to Sociolla who has given me this!

Wardah C-Defense DD cream dengan Hi-grade Vitamin C, merupakan krim dengan tekstur lembut dan nyaman di kulit. Merupakan kombinasi lightening, tabir surya, dan antioksidan untuk kulit tampak bercahaya. Mengandung vitamin B3 yang membantu membuat kulit tampak cerah. Dilengkapi vitamin E sebagai antioksidan serta Allatoin yang membantu regenerasi alami kulit. SPF 30 membantu memberikan perlindungan optimal terhadap sinar UV. Hasilnya kulit tampak lebih cerah dan halus dengan rona merata.

Directions, Ingredients, and Producer
The packaging quality is nice. The box is not so weak and lumpy, and the tube is made from doff plastic.
I suggest if you have messy makeup pouch, you better store the tube inside the box. Because doff material is easily get dirty.

Product explanation
This DD cream has that warning that I don't like, just like Pixy BB Cream and Vaseline Body Lotion that I've reviewed before.
The warning said "Do not exposed to sunlight for too long, even already used sunscreen"

I know it's for our own good, but what's the point of making this then?
Because I won't (or can't) use this product during the day. Isn't that a waste?

The tube is travel-size enough since it's only 20 ml.

I have shade number 01 Light.
The shade illustration on the box is pretty much the same with the actual product, so in my opinion it's reliable for shade comparison.

The texture is rather creamy like lotion, my kind-of texture XD
There's not much scent coming from this DD cream though.

Let's see the swatch!
On this photo below, can you see the different between the left and right side?

Here I give you the drawing line if you can't see the harsh line above.
My skin is tone up and looks smoother.
For the coverage level, it's low. Use it as a base ;)

It's also feel lightweight and buildable, but since the coverage is low there's not much point to that.
But it does its job in even out skin tone and smooth out pores.

Makeup Asia for Asian skin ;)

left: without | right: with DD cream
What I like:
travel size
even out skin tone
smooth out pores
not much scent
creamy-lotion texture
nice packaging

What I don't like:
"don't exposed to sunlight" warning
low coverage

Are you into makeup lately?
Then you can try this DD cream for a starter if you afraid putting too much pancake on your face ;D
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See you guys later~

Happy Saturday! It's review time~
A little sharing, I went through tears and sweat and blood writing this post because of Wi-Fi issues that made me super mad that I can smash that bloody modem!!

Okay, back to topic..
This post is about the famous makeup remover that most of beauty gurus recommend. It's Bioderma Sensibio H2O.


Where did I get this?
The one and only, Sociolla.com :D

Bioderma Sensibio is for sensitive skin, and usually is marked with this pink cap.
There are other type, like for dry skin and oily skin. But this one is the one that I most heard of.
That's why I'm trying this.

The bottle is made from thick clear plastic, and secured with a seal like photo above.
Just pull the seal to the other side (like shown above) to unseal it.

First impression?
I don't smell any strong scent from the product, but there is a tiny bit of scent which is not really necessary.
The texture is like water and it's clear.

For its removing power, let's try on my full makeup face!
On this test, I'm focusing on my eye and lips.
For my eye, I wear waterproof gel liner, eyeshadow, and falsies (of course with the glue)
And for my lips, I wear matte liquid lipstick.

Put Bioderma Makeup Remover on cotton pad in appropriate amount then apply on your face.
For removing eye makeup, I always hold the cotton pad for about a minute.
Making sure all makeup residue is "diluted" so you don't need to stroke too hard to remove the makeup, especially eye area since it's a delicate area.

When I'm using falsies, this step is important because if I just swipe them away without holding the cotton pad for a minute, the lash glue is mostly stay.
Swiping it more to remove the glue is risky for my natural lashes (it's hard and almost impossible to grow them back T__T), so holding the cotton pad is safer and easier!

This is the result after holding the cotton pad for about a minute!
The falsies is easily removed, and my gel liner is almost completely gone.
There's still some eyeshadow left on my outer eye area, because the cotton not really reach that part.

For the leftover, just swipe the cotton again onto whichever part that still has makeup residue.

And there! Eye area cleared! XD
There's one time that I accidentally got a bit of the product into my eye, but it didn't hurt.
So, it's safe!

Next one, is lips!
Honestly, I find it hard to remove matte liquid lipstick with this Bioderma.
I've tried the holding method, but most of the lipstick still sits on my lips.
So, I try swiping the cotton, but it still hard *sigh*

In the end, it's removed tho. But with more struggle than cleansing the eye part.
Maybe it'll be easier for non-matte lipstick.

And btw, this Bioderma taste bitter if you accidentally lick your lips after using it.
Well, I don't expect it to be sweet or has strawberry taste tho.

I've tried this Bioderma Makeup Remover to cleanse my face when I'm too lazy to wash my makeup.
It's enough to make my face clean for sleeping, but I don't recommend this to you, okay?

What I like:
safe for eye
not irritating eye area
enough to cleanse entire face without washing (only if super lazy)
completely clean eye makeup

What I don't like:
quite pricey
hard to remove matte lipstick
taste bitter

I purchased my Bioderma at Sociolla.com
If you want and need to buy makeup and skincare, you can check it out!
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